Century21 XSELL Agent
Century21 XSELL Agent - Website Design

About project

Period: 2019

Client: Century 21 XSELL Realty

Subject: Create a recruiting website to capture leads

Century 21 XSELL Realty wanted to increase brand awareness in the local community and capture new leads to recruit Real Estate agents to join the company.

Our Task Was

Create a brand new website

Generate leads through social media marketing

Increase website traffic


Create a WordPress website to capture leads and generate organic leads through social media marketing.

  • Post on social media 3-5 times a week
  • Boost posts based on campaign
  • Posts are marketed on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram
  • Create new flyers based on the Century 21 XSELL Realty brand


Increased website traffic and generated new leads for agents to join the company.

  • Monthly Website traffic:
  • Monthly Facebook insights:
  • Monthly Instagram insights:
  • Monthly Linkedin insights:


In a short period of time the company was able to keep their brand consistent through social media marketing and with the new website created leads were coming in straight to the local company.